The Bergen Region

The Bergen Region is located on the west coast of Norway, with the city, the second largest in Norway, as its centre. The city of Bergen has more than 270 000 inhabitants and the Bergen Region more than 400 000.

Bergen is an urban and vibrant city located beautifully between the sea, fjords and mountains, a combination of urban living and nature making Bergen unique.

Due to the city’s increasing growth, several businesses have chosen to set up, or relocate, to neighbouring municipalities outside the city centre. This has led to increased population for the entire region. Read more about the region's different municipalities here:


The Bergen Region is an international region with a long history of trade and business activities. The region is attractive for both national and international companies, largely due to a unique combination of expertise, innovation, creativity and market knowledge in a number of key areas. The strong knowledge clusters are essential for creating a dynamic growth region.

Our key industries include:



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