The Maritime Sector

The Bergen Region has a long and proud tradition of being a maritime region, and is today the home of a broad and extensive maritime business sector, competing worldwide. The region is famous for international shipping and with its proximity to the sea the Bergen Region is a centre for the maritime industry with one of Europe’s greatest ports.

The maritime cluster is very important for the Bergen Region, which is reflected by the economic results and number of employees. The shipping lines and the shipyards are the natural core businesses in the cluster, but they are complemented by world leading equipment and service suppliers.

Bergen is known as an international operation centre in the shipping industry, and more than 40 shipping lines operate internationally from Bergen. The maritime sector is robust and sustainable, due to entrepreneurship, knowledge, ambition and long-term commitment not limited to local perspectives. The Bergen Region is characterised by a complete, dynamic and progressive cluster of industrial shipping, capable of generating spin-off and new initiative. Furthermore, the region has a strong maritime education and research environment, and we are world-class within maritime finance.

This diverse maritime community makes the Bergen Region one of the most complete maritime clusters in the world, thus able to maintain a strong position in the global maritime industry.

The Royal Norwegian Navy
The Royal Norwegian Navy has their headquarters in Bergen and is an important part of the maritime Norway. They work closely with the civil maritime industry in several areas and are important customers for the region’s equipment suppliers. 

For more information about the maritime sector in the Bergen Region, please visit Maritime Bergen.



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