The Marine Sector

The Bergen Region has longstanding traditions when it comes to the production and harvesting of seafood, as well as a dominant position on the global seafood market for fishing, production, processing and sale.

Bergen – A World Marine Capital
The region covers all actors in the value chain from production of fry and fish, through processing and export, as well as equipment suppliers. The greatest revenue in the marine sector is derived from businesses working with sales and farming, however both aquaculture and fisheries are also important for the employment and value creation in the region.

The Bergen Region is home to several of Norway’s most innovative and international leading seafood companies, amongst others Leroy Seafood Group, Marine Harvest, Grieg SeafoodSalmon Group, Austevoll Seafood, Liegruppen and OCEA. Leroy Seafood Group and Marine Harvest have been especially vital and played a key role in developing market opportunities for fresh Norwegian fish, making Norwegian seafood sought-after globally and a huge export success.

Located in Bergen is also Europe’s largest environment of marine scientist. With over 1 000 scientists, this research cluster has a size, span and quality making it a European centre in marine research and education. Among the research institutes are IMR, NIFES, Uni Research and Nofima, all contributing to maintain the region's dominant position. Moreover, the University of Bergen is Norway’s greatest marine University.



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