Media and Culture

The Bergen region is a leading region within film, music and design industries. The overall common objective is for the cluster to be recognised for its ability to innovate, create and collaborate across subject areas.

The media and culture industries are future-oriented and have considerable growth potential. The sector has several areas of expertise and the number of businesses is increasing.

The region is home to world leading companies like Vizrt and MusicDNA, and through the creation of MediArena there is exciting potential for further growth.

TV2 has their headquarters in Bergen, which has been very important for the growth of the Bergen media cluster. They are a hub for developing innovative business, both for themselves and their own organisation, as well as in interaction and collaboration with external partners.

Nordic Media Festival
Bergen is also host to the annual conference Nordic Media Festival, which brings 1500 participants together, making it the largest and most important meeting place for Norwegian media.

MediArena is an initiative to strengthen and develop the region’s media environment by enhancing collaboration and collective expertise in order to increase innovation, wealth creation and growth.

‘The Bergen Wave’, Film and Design
Bergen has a strong music scene, and the region’s music industry has its strength in their feeling of community, solidarity and collaboration. This feeling of unity has fostered several successful artists and played a huge part in their national and international success.

Due to the gorgeous scenery in the Bergen region, there is great potential for attracting foreign film productions. However, to succeed in attracting the international film industry it is important to provide the same framework conditions and incentives as our global competitors.

In order to create strong brands in the region, Design Region Bergen works towards clarifying how design can be applied and utilised as a strategic tool to help businesses become successful. This way we can yield the returns of the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit characterising our region. 



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