Leisure Time

The combination of nature and urban living makes the Bergen Region unique, and offers the region’s inhabitants numerous exciting activities.

Bergen has a great concert scene, and attracts many international performers. There are many good concert venues, both in- and outdoors, which have hosted artists like The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay and Rihanna. The Bergen Region also hosts several music festivals, not only in the city centre but also in the municipalities.

The Theatre and Art Scene
Bergen offers a rich theatre and arts scene, across different venues all year round. Amongst the offers are:

Nature and Recreation  

The Bergen Region has reason to be proud of its fjords and mountains, not only providing a beautiful backdrop but also facilitating a great variety of exciting outdoor activities all year round. Living in the Bergen Region, you are in close proximity to nature no matter where you choose to settle, a great perk of living in the region. Spectacular hiking, biking, golfing, swimming, watersports, climbing and skiing, as well as a variety of extreme sports are some of the activities offered in the region. The region even hosts its own Extreme Sport Week each June. 

Paragliding from mount Ulriken

If you are more prone to watch sports rather than participating yourself, the region can offer many different sporting events. The most famous sporting team in the region is our football club SK Brann, but one can also enjoy handball, basketball, volleyball and swimming to name a few.



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