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We have a brand new offer for our international inhabitants

Business Factory

Join Business Factory if you want to learn all there is about starting your own business in Norway. Here you'll find much more information on this five modules course. 


Other courses from The Business Startup Centre

The Business Start Up Centre offers courses and assistance for entrepreneurs. We offer individual consultations in English for those who have attended our 1-2-3-Start Up course.

Courses offered in English
1-2-3-Start Up

The 1-2-3 Start Up course offers an introduction into the aspects that needs to be considered when starting a business, and deals with the practicalities and formalities related to starting on your own. The course includes:

  • Formalities tied to registering a business
  • Explore different business types, including personal rights and risks
  • Naming the business
  • Taxes and economy

This is an overview of our courses this semester. Most of them are in Norwegian, bur 1-2-3 Start Up and Financil Illustrator is in English. 

If you wish to learn more about the 1-2-3 Start Up course, please read the interview with Anne Burtey who has attended the course.

For more information or other inquiries get in touch with us by email or visit altinn for information about how to start and run a business.

Please note that your registration for participation is binding, and an invoice will be sent to you by mail.



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